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The North West Health and Physical Activity Forum (NWHPAF) is a voluntary organisation based in the North West of England, promoting practice and influencing policy in the area of health, physical activity and sport.


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The Forum aims to:

      Share practice, liaise with and inform relevant groups where appropriate.

The Forum's objectives are:

      To promote networking opportunities for those working within health, physical activity and sport.

      To be a regional body developing links with national organisations.

This website is designed to give you access to the three core focus areas in which the Forum work

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London 2012 is it really getting people active?

According to the Guardian Online, The Brits may be watching lots of Olympic athletes this summer but they sure aren't moving more themselves.  When London was awarded the 2012 Summer Olympics 7 years ago, British officials pledged that they would get an additional 2 million people physically active in time for the opening ceremonies.  Last year this aim was quietly dropped to getting 1 million Brits into sports, whilst the pledge to get another 1 million more active through activities like walking and cycling was scrapped.

Adrian Bauman from the University of Sydney in Australia claimed "Having the Olympics doesn't translate into more physical activity unless there is a strong infrastructure to get people involved."

Britain's strategy was based largely upon providing free school sports programmes for children, in addition to adult programmes such as the free swimming initiative, which was later withdrawn along with the funding.  While numbers grew in the first few years, they stabilised as government funding was cut amid the debt crisis.

Olympics secretary Jeremy Hunt said the government was looking for other ways to measure people's activity levels and insisted it was still working with local sports clubs to boost participation.

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27/07/2012 14:52:28